A new survey has been released, just in time for National Junk Food Day, of America's favorite snacks by state.

The Oreo cookie is the snack we reach for the most in New Jersey, according to Zippia.com, an employment resource website. Zippia relied on Google Trends research to determine what each state likes to snack on best.

So, I guess that means I'm going to have to move to South Carolina, where salt and vinegar potato chips are the snack of choice, or Montana, where they love Rice Krispies Treats above all else.

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I can't deny the power of an Oreo, though. It is probably my number one impulse buy. I feel like when I look at a package of Oreo cookies in a store, I can taste them, so home with me they come. But I'd definitely consider myself more of a salty snacks fan.

It will probably come as no surprise that Hersey's Chocolate is the most popular snack in Pennsylvania. Down in Delaware, it's Fritos. A few states actually cited sunflower seeds and Cliff Bars as their fave snack. THOSE AREN'T SNACKS! It's bird food, lol. (No offense, I'm just kidding...I eat both on a regular basis)

Take a look at Zippia's snack map:

Zippia, via Press Release sent to SoJO 104.9
Zippia, via Press Release sent to SoJO 104.9

So, NOW the question becomes, 'How do you eat your Oreo Cookie?' Take our poll below!

National Junk Food Day is Tuesday, July 21.

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