If you type "How to..." into a Google search, you may come up with some funny suggestions!  But New Jersey's most Googled "How-to" question may surprise you. It did me.

According to Estately.com, New Jersey's most googled "How-to" question is...

"How to stop Trump?"

But that's not the only question we ask a lot.  Here are the rest, according to Estately.com,

NEW JERSEY:  How to activate iPhone? / How to stop Trump? / How to rob a bank? / How to iron a shirt? / How to open a jar? / How to be funny? / How to beatbox? / How to deal with anger? / How to hoverboard? / How to become famous? / How to be confident? / How to get ripped? / How to juggle? / How to make it in America? / How to control anxiety?

We're a curious bunch here in the Garden State!

How To Map

Source: Estately.com