The Philadelphia Eagles played the Carolina Panthers on Sunday and won the game 21-18.

Apparently, the game wasn't that exciting, (even though there was a streaker that ran on the field) because two young people got caught getting it on in the men's bathroom at Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When the couple walked into the men's bathroom together, people became suspicious. Then once they went into the same stall, and you could see both their feet in the same stall, that's when authorities were called.

The video from Tik Tok has gone viral of the couple being escorted out of the men's bathroom by police and the man being handcuffed.

You can see the video below.

It is not totally clear what the couple was exactly doing in the bathroom stall, but when the woman was spotted walking into the men's bathroom, that's when police were called.

Once police were inside the bathroom, they asked the couple to come out and they confirmed that they were fully clothed.

According to TMZ, the couple was not arrested for engaging in some kind of naughtiness at Bank Of America Stadium. The main reason why they were escorted out by police is because the woman was in the men's bathroom, which is not allowed by the stadium.

They did get kicked out of the stadium and did not get to watch the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles play the Carolina Panthers, which is super sad especially if these two traveled from far to see the game.


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