One of these days, editors of the Press of Atlantic City might want to send a reviewer to a country concert that is open to country music as a mainstream musical genre.

Scott Cronick, staff writer, does not fit the bill. Cronick's review of Saturday night's Luke Bryan concert seemed to try to put down Luke Bryan as a musician, country as a musical format, and the concert-goers as people who have to pee a lot:" Lines for the bathrooms stretched through the Boardwalk Hall concourse by the hundreds." (Hey, Scott: When you have 13,000 people and maybe 8 bathrooms, there's going to be lines! Duh!)

Cronick didn't seem to impressed with Bryan's talent either: "As far as music talent goes, Bryan is not overly special. Possessing a good country voice and backed by a very respectable band, he didn't hit a few "wow" moments vocally and his songs play into every country stereotype."

What really gets me is that Cronick feels the need to compare Bryan to rock and pop singers. In his review, Cronick says, "He acts more like a classic rocker than a country singer, offering pelvic thrusts and hip gyrations in skin-tight black pants that would make rock stars such as Steven Tyler and David Lee Roth proud." Why must he compare country musicians to these artists? Does he compare Madonna to Taylor Swift?

You can read Scott Cronick's review here. After you read it, please come back and leave us your comments below.

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