While nearly every person alive in and around Philadelphia and South Jersey was glued to their television Sunday night, the total number of people that watched Super Bowl LII wasn't exactly record-breaking.

According to Nielsen data through Zap2It, 103.4 million people watched the big game, which makes Sunday night's contest the least-watched Super Bowl since 2009 -- but still one of the ten biggest TV audiences ever in America.

In comparison, last year's game drew 111.3 million football fans.

And for this year, two million people streamed the game, which bumps the audience up to around 106 million people.

And while 103 or 106 million people is a "small" audience for the Super Bowl, it's still infinitely bigger than what was on TV opposite of the game. A mere three million people watched "60 Minutes" and less than one million watched "The Simpsons" last night.


SOURCE: zap2it.com

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