Russell Dickerson and his wife, Kailey, shared in April that they're expecting their first child together. Two months later, the singer had the honor of revealing the sex of their baby to his wife.

Dickerson documented the day he learned whether he'll soon have a son or daughter — and how he told Kailey the news — on video, which he was eager to share with fans on Instagram. Watch as the singer attends an ultrasound scan with his wife, then opens the envelope that tells the sex of the baby when he's alone in the car.

From there, he has work to do: Dickerson knows the secret, and he goes to great lengths to decorate to surprise Kailey, using streamers and clothes that indicate the couple is expecting a baby boy.

It's a sweet moment when Kailey comes home and opens her eyes.

"As a girl raised with 5 older brothers, this is everything I ever wanted and more," Kailey writes on her personal Instagram account alongside a picture that captures her startled reaction. "I love the boys in my life so much and now I get to raise one of my own."

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If that wasn't enough good news for one week, Dickerson also announced on Instagram that he has a new song out called "Home Sweet." Sure enough, his home seems to be getting sweeter by the minute as they prepare for baby boy's arrival later this year.

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