By now you've heard that Hostess has filed for bankruptcy. Goodbye Twinkies, Ho Hos, and Sno Balls.

Word is now out that these wonderfully good, but not good for you, products may possibly be saved! Apparently there are several suitors lined up and ready to bid on some or all of the company's products.

So, don't bid $100 on that Twinkie on eBay just yet. The Twinkie may not be dead yet!

I'm just hoping that some of the lesser media-friendly Hostess items will be saved. Ding Dongs are one example. Here's a description, courtesy of Wikipedia:

The Ding Dong is a chocolate cake most recently produced and distributed by Hostess Brands. It is round with a flat top and bottom, about three inches in diameter and a little more than an inch high, similar in shape to a hockey puck. A white creamy filling is injected into the center, and a thin coating of "chocolate" glaze covers the entire cake. The cake was originally wrapped in a square of thick aluminium foil, enabling it to be carried in lunches without melting the chocolate glaze.