Like many people, I started ordering groceries online as a COVID-19 safety precaution and a convenience while we had our adult children back home.

But let me tell you, I'm NOT going back to roaming grocery aisles! I love the convenience of placing an order online and having them bring it right to my car in the parking lot or even to my front door.

ShopRite from Home makes it really easy. Simply, click here or download the ShopRite app here to order your groceries, schedule your pick up then drive to ShopRite and pick up your order! They'll bring it right to your vehicle. Of course, you can also schedule delivery right to you home, too.

And, through April 11, you can use the promo code CATCOUNTRY to unlock FREE pickup on orders of $99 or more! (This code is only valid at Village ShopRite locations.)

There are two features I really like. Their weekly sales circular is right there in the app, so you can browse sales and put items right in your cart so you never miss a deal. In addition, the Recipe Shop lets your browse recipes and put all the ingredients in your cart. It also does the opposite and will suggest recipes based on items already in your order list.

This is everything shopping in 2021 should be! Get started now by downloading the app.