“Hurley in the Morning” has learned and confirmed that the following Coronavirus safety precautions will be put in place at the eight (8) Village Super Markets, better known as ShopRite.

Effective this Wednesday, April 8, 2020 all employees and vendors will be screened as follows:

A Guard or EMT will be posted. They will be equipped with:

- Non-contact thermometer
- Face shield
- Mask
- Gloves

All employees (hourly and salaried), as well as vendors will have to be screened.

Should a temperature be above 99.9 degrees, they have a very well structured management plan in place to advise anyone that they will not be able to remain in the store.

To repeat, anyone recording a temperature of 100 degrees and above will not be allowed to be in the store.

This is an improvement. In an earlier iteration, the temperature limit was set at 99.0

Anyone at 99.1 and above would have not been allowed to remain. Many healthy people run a low 99-point temperature.

This is the plan for Shoprite. Numerous sources have shared with me that other stores will follow suit in the near future.

This should help inspire confidence that the staff that you will come in contact with during shopping will not be working with a fever.

In the unlikely event that someone refuses to leave, they have a plan in place to properly and responsibly address acts of defiance.

Many people have asked me if customers will be screened. Not at this time. But, in our present environment, it certainly isn’t unreasonable if it’s eventually put into place during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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