The SNL 40th Anniversary Special had a LOT going on. It was over three hours of comedy and music and stars and tributes all packed into one night. With so much going on, if you missed something, we can't say we blame you. We've covered the big items, like Celebrity Jeopardy, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, the new Digital Short, Wayne's World and the huge monologue, but we’re here to celebrate and relive some of the smaller moments.

Not every hilarious moment got it's own skit. There were some genius bits, like a late show callback to an earlier joke about Jon Lovitz being dead (he’s not dead). Or, Jerry Seinfeld bantering with Larry David (which we could watch forever). And, not every hilarious moment was intentional (see, Christopher Walken). Check out some of our favorite moments from the SNL 40th Anniversary Special and let us know if there's anything you think we missed.

SNL 40 — Christopher Walken Pronounces Kanye West as “Canny West”

SNL 40 — Adam Sandler Returns as Opera Man

SNL 40 — Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin Pay Tribute to Tracy Morgan

SNL 40 —Bill Murray Sings the Jaws Theme Song You Had No Idea Existed

SNL 40 — Melissa McCarthy Does Her Matt Foley Impression

SNL 40 — Jerry Seinfeld Takes Questions From Larry David

SNL 40 — Bill Hader Shows Edward Norton How to Do Stefon on Weekend Update

SNL 40 — Bradley Cooper Makes Out With Betty White

SNL 40 Californians

SNL 40 — RIP Jon Lovitz

SNL 40 — Footage From Jim Carrey's Audition

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