I am in such disbelief right now. I thought that the world couldn't surprise me anymore, and yet my friends it has. What was supposed to be a fun game on social media has turned into a serious issue that must be addressed immediately. I don't know how some people have gone their whole lives in the dark, unaware of the simple pleasure they are missing out on.

Last week we posted a fun little "Never Have I Have" game on our social media sites. We made our game all things South Jersey including going to the beach during local summer, yelling at Shoobie drivers, and visiting Lucy the Elephant. However, one of our options created a mind blowing realization. There are too many people in South Jersey that have deprived themselves of fried Oreos.

My mind cannot wrap around this one. As I was scrolling through the responses on Facebook, seeing how many points everyone had, I was in utter shock to see just how many people have not had fried Oreos.

Yuck is a strong word my friend.

Fried Oreos are a boardwalk staple. I found myself commenting on everyone who hadn't had this glorious treat. This even seemed to stir up some controversy among family members.

I don't mean to tear families apart over a fried Oreo, but something has to be done about this! How can one make it through the summer without this delicious treat?

Since summer is over, I have come up with the solution. Those who haven't had the pleasure of eating a fried Oreo and shouldn't wait for next summer, can try a simple recipe to make them at home.

Fried Oreos are simple to make. All you need is some pancake batter, Oreos, oil, and a pan to fry in. You can even add in some powdered sugar to sprinkle right on top. Here is an easy recipe from AllRecipes.com.

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