4th of July

Sentimental Flag Stolen
The flag only flies once a year because of its sentimental value.  It was stolen from the flagpole on Monday, July 4th.
Independence Day Facts
Of course the 4th of July is about celebrating America and BBQ's, but here are some fun facts that you may not know about our national holiday.
4th Of July Safety Tips For Pets [VIDEO]
While you may enjoy the 'boom' that comes with 4th of July fireworks, chances are your pet will be scared out of their mind! Did you know the 4th of July holiday is the time of year when most pets go missing?
Updated 4th of july Fireworks Guide
View Fourth of July NJ Fireworks Map for 2014 in a larger map.
Independence Day is coming up, and many counties in New Jersey are having Fourth of July fireworks displays to celebrate. Here is our county-by-county guide to firework displays across New Jersey.