Robin Williams

2015 Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ Pays Tribute to Robin Williams
For many viewers, the Oscars are are chance to snark and make fun of everything that happens on stage (and can you blame ‘em?). But then the “In Memoriam” segment comes around and reduces even the most cynical person to puddle of bubbling tears. The 2015 Oscars “In Memori…
Thank You Robin Williams
Ever since late yesterday afternoon, social media has been flooded with the news of Robin William's apparent suicide. Who knew that he had reached and touched so many different people?
Recognize The Signs Of Suicide
With the passing of actor/comedian Robin Williams at 63 from an apparent suicide yesterday, it brings to light the fact that even people who seemingly have it all, can be deeply depressed.
If you've ever have a friend, family member or loved one take their own life, you know how devastating it c…
Remembering Robin Williams With a Look at His Best Work
By now, everyone has heard of the sad and tragic news of the passing of Robin Williams.  His wife said in a statement yesterday that she would like people to remember him for all his greatness and not the way in which he died.  So, here is a look at some of his best moments from TV and Mov…
St. Jude Addresses Tragic Death of Robin Williams
The tragic death of Robin Williams has left the nation stunned and saddened. The actor, comedian, and all around funny guy was 63 years old. Officials say after decades of battling his own personal demons, Williams lost the fight, apparently committing suicide on Monday.