Were you at the famous softball game in the middle of the night in Absecon in the 1980s?

A Facebook post on the page of the Absecon Police Department's page reminisces about that magical middle-of-the-night event.

According to the post,

 In the 1980's the casinos in Atlantic City teamed up with Tommy Lasorda and Frank Sinatra to have a baseball game in Absecon....at 2am.‪#‎HeDidItHisWay‬.

Apparently, once word got out that Ol' Blue Eyes and one of the Los Angeles Dodgers' greatest managers were in town playing stickball, many residents of Absecon flocked to the old ball fields on Michigan Avenue to watch...in their pajamas. ‪#‎TeachMeHowToSnuggie‬

As the crowd cheered on Frank, Tommy and their entourage, they had no idea that they would be witnessing an iconic moment in the history of Absecon.

While I was not at the event, I did a little research and cannot find mention of Tommy Lasorda in several news accounts.

A UPI wire story indicated the game pitted a Frank Sinatra led team (the Blue Eyes) against a team coached by Dean Martin (the Red Eyes).

Several recounts of the game say it ended in a 18-18 tie.

We want to know if you were at that game and what you may remember. Please share your thoughts below.

Also, if you have any photos from the event, would you care to allow us to share them here? If so, please email me: joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com.