We think there are many underrated places in New Jersey, especially in our area. We're the coolest! According to Thrillist though, the New Jersey pick for most underrated is at the Jersey Shore.

Point Pleasant is the place they picked for the Garden State!

Here's what they have to say about Point Pleasant,

"When you imagine a summer weekend at the boardwalk filled with soft serve ice cream, skee-ball, mini golf, and amusement park rides, you're picturing Point Pleasant. A far cry from the fist-pumping Jersey Shore you saw on TV, or the Lilly Pulitzer crowd you’ll find in more upscale beach towns, Point Pleasant perfectly blends family fun and beach partying; you’ll feel just as comfortable day drinking on the beach and hitting Martell’s Tiki Bar at night as you would taking your kids on the carousel at Jenkinson's."

They also mention eating some french fries from Chippy's and some Kohr's Brothers custard.

I agree on both counts!


Source: Thrillist