Maybe it's because the Phillie Phanatic is the BEST mascot in all of baseball...

Whether you love the Phanatic or not, Citizens Bank Park is one of the best ball parks out there.

Thrillist agrees.

Though, I think CBP could have ranked a bit higher in their list of the top major league baseball parks in the country.  Thrillist ranks the park at #13 out of 30 ball parks.

Here's what Thrillist said about CBP,

Philly fans aside, the park has a summeriffic outfield bar that gets packed even on weekdays, serves authentic Philly cheese steaks, and plays host to a team that’s won 54% of its home games over the past seven seasons. And that's good enough for 13th place!

They rank AT&T Park in San Francisco as #1.


I'm a Phillies fan, what can I say??

And those of you who are Mets or Yankee fans... You ranked 27th and 29th respectively.  Not that I'm rubbing it in :)

Source: Thrillist

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