There's no doubt about it - it's HOT out there this week.

All these heat indexes, weather advisories, etc. are enough to keep people from doing even the most basic and generic summer activities. Yeah, the beach is great and all. But, is the water even going to provide any relief? Nobody likes to sit on the beach when you're skin is getting scorched and there's no way of even getting comfortable.

This video of Nora the polar bear from the Oregon Zoo has resurfaced and it is just too beyond appropriate and accurate for everyone in this region right now that it just HAD to be shared again:

Seriously, if I could swim in an ice pool right now, I wouldn't even think twice. Not only is it hot out there, but the humidity is just terrible. I know they say that it's not in good taste to complain about anything, but in regards to this nasty weather, complain I must. I LOVE summer. I know I can't be mad at the fact that it's hot out; it's the middle of July, after all. But, this type of heat and humidity are just overbearingly (no pun intended) uncomfortable.

So, long story short, I'm with Nora on this one. Point me to the direction of the nearest ice bucket, please.

Source: Facebook

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