We have to talk about a specific job field that I don't feel like gets enough credit.

Truck drivers, you are some real MVPs. Don't let anybody ever tell you any different.

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I was driving the Cat Country truck down the Garden State Parkway this week and this was the very first time that I actually felt nervous behind the wheel. I've been driving various radio station trucks for ten years now. I've driven big SUVs, giant industrial vans, you name it. In fact, my boyfriend used to drive a big Dodge Ram HEMI. The point is, I'm not stranger to big cars.

If you drive anything bigger than a Chevy Suburban on a daily basis, whether it's for your 9 to 5 or a side hustle, you're a champion. I was driving the giant Cat Country van when South Jersey was threatened with the high winds and tornado warnings earlier this week and could feel the truck swaying side to side as a result. Like I said before, I don't experience much anxiety when having to drive the station vehicle, but this time, something was different.

Truck drivers drive their GIANT machines no matter the weather. They weren't allowed to sit home during the pandemic; they're frontline workers. They hit the road every day and don't even blink an eye if they're threatened by heavy wind or rain. All I have to say is WOW. You're awesome. I could be wrong, but I'm not sure you always receive the credit that you deserve. I, for one, have a brand new appreciation for what you do every day.

Thank you for doing it. It's not as easy as a joyride around South Jersey's back roads. Some might say "it's just driving, how hard can it be?" Trust me, it's HARD.

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