I've been seeing this new fad lately on social media of people getting eye-lash-extensions...So I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Lucky for me, I spent my college years #BLESSED with a bff who is the guru in all things health, wellness and beauty.

Peggy Pappas(23) founder of Core Beauty has perfected the art of make-up designory through various schools throughout New York, such as the MUD School and Gineann and Lash Affair. 

In which case, I asked my certified bestie to show me what this eyelash extension hype is all about and why people are so obsessed with it.

Credit: Peggy Nicole via Corebeauty

      BEFORE & AFTER    


Needless to say, this tedious beauty hack is SUCH an effective way to sculpt your lashes into something that your mascara and lash curler can't even do.

With different shapes, styles, colors, and lengths--eyelash extensions give you a breather from having to put on make-up every single day!

I literally wakeup looking like I already have mascara on and I LOVE it

Like all things there are pro's and con's:


  • you can sculpt out your ideal lashes
  • They last at least a month
  • You don't need mascara (although you still can use it to enhance length and volume if you prefer)
  • And most importantly: THEY LOOK NATURAL

The beauty in eyelash extensions is that the concept doesn't look fake/trashy in the slightest if it's done correctly. It's quite literally an accentuation of that beauty that already lies over your eyes!


  • The process takes about 2 hours
  • If you use the real deal lashes with prime expertise, it could be costly
    **Peggy uses the best Grade A quality silk/mink lashes and adhesive 

But let's be real: for what you're getting, trust me it's WORTH IT.

And 2 hours...
on a padded bed with a pillow and a blanket...
hello, nap time. 

So why don't we just go ahead and throw both of those on the top of the PROS list.

For inquiries and appointments you should DEFINITELY hit up my girl Peggy Nicole through her website or Instagram!
Contact:  peggynicole33@gmail.com

*wink wink

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM

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