Jason Aldean's new song, 1994, plays homage to singer Joe Diffie. That's prompted some calls to Cat County from younger listeners asking, "Who's this Joe Diffie Guy?"

When Aldean was performing the song at the ACM Awards Sunday night, I honestly expected to see Diffie come out on stage.

Joe Diffie has had a very successful country musi career - most notably with a string of hits in the mid 1990's that included "John Deere Green", "Pickup Man", and "Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox."

I reached out to Diffie's management via email yesterday to find out if Aldean invited Diffie on-stage, or if Diffie even likes the song. While I didn't really get my questions answered, his co-manager Jeff Lysyczyn did say, "We've got some exciting things cooking with Joe right now."

According to Wikipedia, Diffie continues to tour. His last album was produced in 2010. As far as the song, Wikipedia says: "Upon hearing about the song, Diffie said that 'it's really an honor' to be mentioned in the song, and that it was 'flattering'."

Here's Pickup Man: