Governor Chris Christie is on record as saying he'd never legalize recreational marijuana use in New Jersey.

I get that.

But, what about Atlantic City?

Atlantic City isn't really like the rest of the state, is it? It's different. Really different.

On my way to the Cat Country studio this morning, I heard on the air, one of our promotional messages for our  monthly "Ask the Governor" program. In a conversation taken from a recent show, Governor Christie said he would never legalize pot in New Jersey.  Christie said something like, "Look at Colorado. Would you want people flying into the airport just to get high?"

Well, Governor, why not? We are already having people fly in just to gamble. Why not let them smoke some (taxed) weed, too?

I'm not calling for the legalization of pot in the whole city - just in the casinos.

Hey, casino revenue keeps dropping - we've got to do something to help revenue rise. Why not let people come into the casinos and smoke pot? It could be a "smoke-in" law only - no carry outs.

Think of how people from all over the country will want to come here, just to spend their money in our fair city.  Yeah, I know that was the idea behind gambling in Atlantic City, but this is different - right?