Each state has it's own unique personality and commonalities among the majority of the population. Sure there are exceptions, but if you checked everyone's house there are at least a few things you'll find inside. Here are some of the things you'll find in a typical home in New Jersey.

  1. A t-shirt or sweatshirt that has the name of a Jersey Shore town on it.
  2. A pizza stone. Maybe you got it as a gift and you rarely use it, but you probably have one.
  3. At least one bottle of wine from a local winery.
  4. Canned tomatoes or jarred tomato sauce.
  5. A beach chair with a beach tag on it.
  6. Hair gel.
  7. Suntan lotion and/or sunscreen of various levels of SPF.
  8. Snow boots
  9. Something with Bruce Springsteen's name on it (album, cd, t-shirt)
  10. Exercise equipment that doubles as a laundry rack.
  11. At least one pair of ice skates.
  12. A drawer full of take-out menus.
  13. Pork roll in the fridge.
  14. Some hat or shirt with a NY or Philly teams logo.
  15. Pictures of the family on the fridge.

Since we're a four season state we've got stuff for every season or weather condition. We only have ONE true New Jersey professional sports team of the four major sports that has New Jersey in the name. Thank you New Jersey Devil hockey team! You may not have all of these things in your house right now, but at some point in your life you did!

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