Saturday morning (May 12), country music fans were shaken by rumors that Aaron Tippin was involved in a fatal plane crash which occurred in Kansas, killing three individuals and sending the two survivors to the hospital. Tippin, well-known for his pilot skills and love for flying, was thought to be involved, as the plane that went down once belonged to him.

Tippin, however, is alive and well, and was home in Tennessee when the tragic accident took place on Friday afternoon, May 11. Reports say the aircraft landed in a field, skidded 200 feet and impacted a tree line, causing the small plane to spin 180 degrees, then catch on fire.

Tennessee dealer Bill Austin sold the aircraft a few of weeks ago and claims he knew of no prior problems with the plane that could’ve caused the wreck. Austin adds that the previous owner of the plane was a huge fan of Tippin and had the plane outfitted with the eagle and flag emblem after the singer’s hit, ‘Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly.’

Austin, who is a personal friend of Tippin’s, said the singer flew the plane to Tulsa, Okla. to Jones Riverside Airport just a few weeks ago, and met Luke Sheets, the man who was flying the plane at the time of the accident that ended his life.

Taste of Country sends our thoughts and prayers out to those who lost their loved ones in this heartbreaking accident.

Watch the Aaron Tippin ‘Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly’ Video

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