We've all heard amazing stories of heroic deeds over the past few days.

It takes a handful of idiots to ruin everything.

First responders have been protecting, serving, and making rescues. Friends, neighbors, and strangers have been pitching into help one another. Meanwhile, some brainless thugs have decided to try and loot and steal to line their pockets.

Atlantic City police report the first looting arrests, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  According to Detective Lieutenant James A. Sarkos:

On Tuesday, October 30, 2012, members of the Atlantic City Police Department Special Investigations Section and Intelligence Unit were conducting patrols in areas of Atlantic City that had experienced extensive damage from Hurricane Sandy. The Officers were specifically patrolling for looters who may take advantage of these circumstances. During these patrols Sgt. Rodney Ruark, Sgt. Andrew Leonard and Sgt. Richard Andrews stopped a group of males after observing them acting suspiciously.
One of these males Shaamel Spencer was wanted by the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department for an $18,633.00 child support warrant. Additionally, he was found to be in possession of a defaced semi-automatic Glock handgun loaded with hollow point ammunition.
Spencer, Shaamel, 29 of Atlantic City
Possession of a handgun
Possession of a defaced handgun
Possession of hollow point ammunition
Certain persons not to possess weapons
Shaamel Spencer was remanded to the Atlantic County Justice Facility on $150,000 full cash bail set by JMC Warner.

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