Christopher Ferry Sr. has had more than his share of 15 minutes of fame. His sons Chris and Mike are the ones who pulled off that billboard prank where they paid for a giant billboard on the Black Horse Pike in Atlantic City. It had their dad’s picture and phone number and encouraged strangers to call their dad to wish him a happy birthday.

NJ dad bday billboard (courtesy Christopher Ferry Jr.)

And call they did.

The conservative estimate is 250,000 calls not only from New Jersey but from around the world as news picked up on the story.

Now the billboard dad is extending his fame into overtime as he has put up his own billboard at the same location.

Credit: Billboard Dad Facebook page

Love, #BillboardDad

A sweet part of this story is a number of people who had lost their own dads and could no longer wish them a happy birthday connected with Ferry to wish it to him instead. The family says their father loves being Billboard Dad and it’s been a positive experience all around.

Best. Prank. Ever.​

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