Blake Shelton experienced the lowest of emotional lows before and after his divorce from Miranda Lambert last July. The singer admits that one year ago, he was in a very dark place.

In an interview with People, Shelton says there was no room for optimism in his life. "There was a point where I thought I didn’t want to exist anymore," he says. "This time last year, there was no light at the end of the tunnel for me."

Neither Shelton nor Lambert have referred to the weeks leading up to their divorce until now. The couple announced their split on July 20, 2015, and within a few hours it was finalized.

“I told people I wished I could go into a coma and wake up a year from now,” he says.

Since the divorce, both singers have stayed relatively quiet about events that led to their split. Shelton indicated fans would find answers within his new If I’m Honest album, an album that spends more time focusing on new love than past heartbreak. Still, there are signs of his dark time. "Bet You Still Think of Me" and "Every Time I Hear That Song" find the singer’s heart hurting, while "She’s Got a Way With Words" lashes out.

Since their split, Shelton has started a relationship with Gwen Stefani, while Lambert is currently dating alt-country singer Anderson East.

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