Blake Shelton has a funny way of saying “congratulations.” The friendly ‘Honey Bee’ hitmaker laid a kiss on Keifer Thompson after the Thompson Square husband-wife duo walked away with three awards at the 2011 American Country Awards on Monday, but the male vocalist wasn’t bothered by it — he said Shelton has really nice lips.

“He kissed me on the mouth earlier. He’s got really nice lips,” Thompson revealed, according to PEOPLE. “[Shelton's lips] are very soft.”

Though Shawna Thompson was right by her husband when he gave the juicy details of the kiss, she didn’t seem to mind, which perhaps proves that just about everyone in country music knows to expect the unexpected from Mr. Shelton. “I think he uses a lot of lip balm,” the lucky recipient commented, adding, “Strawberry, I think.”

Thompson Square went back home to Nashville with a bag full of awards in tow: Single of the Year by a Group, Single by a New Artist and Video by a New Artist, all for their hit song, ‘Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not.’ The song’s message, of course, was not lost on Shelton.

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