Do you have a favorite place to eat? Most people would agree that they have an establishment that sits especially close to their hearts.

This place probably stands out more than all the rest. You had or, if you're lucky, continue to make great memories within its walls. That can be said for what was once one of the most popular restaurants in all the Wildwoods.

Do you remember Zaberer's?

Kosich's Korner via Youtube
Kosich's Korner via Youtube

People LOVED that place. There was one just over the bridge in North Wildwood and another location in Egg Harbor Township just off of Delilah Road and the pike. The North Wildwood location was THE PLACE to eat in the 80s.

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Most would agree that Zaberer's wasn't just a restaurant. Zaberer's was an experience. People would get dressed up, smoke their cigars/cigarettes, enjoy a couple cocktails, and have a grand ole' time with friends and family.

Kosich's Korner via Youtube
Kosich's Korner via Youtube

Yep, I said family. Kids would get excited to go to Zaberer's too because of all the arcade games. The kids also grew to love all of the amazing props and out-of-the-ordinary décor each location had to offer. No doubt, plenty of 40-somethings have pictures taken of them in front of the Christmas decorations, the Native American statues, or one of the many other photo ops that could be found throughout the restaurant.

Zaberer's will always be one of those places that will be talked about forever. That's how much people genuinely loved their nights out there. You know you've done a good thing when over 30 years later, people still can't stop talking about you.

Check out the video taken during Zaberer's public auction below:

Source: Youtube

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