In November of 2015, Brett Eldredge dropped "Drunk on Your Love" as the second single from his sophomore album, Illinois. Penned with songwriter Ross Copperman -- who also was one of Eldredge's co-writers on "Lose My Mind" and "Beat of the Music" -- the song was written all the way back in 2012, more than three years before the release of Eldredge's second disc in September of 2015. Below, Eldredge and Copperman share with The Boot and other reporters their memories of writing "Drunk on Your Love," and the catalyst for finally putting it on an album.

Brett Eldredge: April 6, 2012, Ross Copperman and I were writing this song, and he had this little, tiny dog [a chihuahua]. I was so antsy that I would pick up the dog and put it on my head, because it was so small, and I’m a giant person. That was how it started ...

Sometimes you chase down things when you don’t know where it’s going. We had no idea where this song was going; in fact, the demo of that song was so wacky. We totally just goofed around. We were like, "Let’s let this song be what it is, and we’ll figure it out later, but we’re just going to write it how it is." So I’m making all these crazy noises, he’s playing these guitar parts, and it’s pretty stripped down. We wrote it in a couple hours.

In 2012, we wrote "Beat of the Music," "Drunk on Your Love" and a lot of that first album. But this song stuck around for a long time. I let it pass over my first album ... I skipped over it ... because I wanted it to be on the radio. I set out to find the right time for this [song] to be on there.

We went in and cut it, and it ended up making a video, a wedding video for [Florida Georgia Line's] Tyler [Hubbard] and [his now-wife] Hayley ... It went up on their wedding video, still the demo, and people started freaking out about the song on social media. We’re like, "Dude, we’ve got to get this on the record now. This is the record to do it."

Ross Copperman: We were literally a week away from having to turn the album in. And then the video came out, and everyone started talking about it. [Brett's manager] Rob Baker called us and said, "You guys need to cut this in, like, a week."

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