It's hot on the Jersey Shore and it's only going to get hotter as summer blazes on!

My favorite summer activities revolve around the beach and close friends, so I wanted to make sure you all knew how you could enter to win some awesome prizes from Bud Light while doing the stuff that makes summer great.

So, without #DillyDilly-dallying anymore, let me break down 5 ways to spice things up:

1) Perfect your selfies. As Allure preaches, find the best available natural light that doesn't cast any shadows on your face (near sunrise and sunset is best) and don't be afraid to take dozens of photos at a variety of angles so you can post the best one to social media!

If you're on the beach, use #BudLightBeach2018 to be entered into Bud Light's great giveaways, including the Ultimate South Jersey Beach Getaway.

2) Beats headphones=personal concert while you relax on the beach. Not that the sound of the ocean isn't relaxing, but a great pair of headphones can help you tune out the loudmouths and the crowds. (And, it just happens that Beats headphones are part of the #BudLightBeach giveaway, so enter and your summer could get an upgrade.)

3) Get out on the water! Splash around with your friends. Go paddle-boarding. Go parasailing. Go scuba diving. Go whale-watching but definitely do something more organized than this:

Not everyone gets to experience the Jersey Shore, so make sure you make the most of your time here!

4) Baseball on the beach. Or Dizzy Bat. Whichever you prefer.

5) Beer. Lots and lots of beer. It's Bud Light lime and orange season! You could fancy up your Bud Light by pouring it in a salted glass and calling it a margarita, or just grab a Chelada for a spicy change of pace. (Of course, be sure to plan ahead to get home safely, whether you have a designated driver or you make sure you're logged into Uber in case you need it.)

And don't forget to get in on the #BudLightBeach2018 giveaways. You can visit ME and the Bud Light girls at our favorite Jersey Shore bars all summer long to enter the contest. Check out the promotions calendar to find out where we'll be!

Be sure to listen to us daily and follow us on our social media. You can also register to win giveaways and prizes by sharing your love for Bud Light and posting pictures to #BudLightBeach2018.

Check out some of the photos we've gotten so far:

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