Cam won over country fans and radio with her No. 1 hit "Burning House," and along the way, she has gained some pretty adorable fans. Emmy Lou and Kinzlee even went viral for their cover of the Grammy-winning song.

“I actually first saw that video on Twitter. I was going through it and saw it and thought how adorable this was,” 31-year-old Cam tells the camera. “Then I heard through the Opry reaching out saying we’d love for you to meet them, and I was already so excited because I had seen the video.”

In a clip captured backstage, the little girls are shown having a ball exploring behind the scenes at the Opry, dancing around the corridors and having their hand at the piano before being lead to a dressing room.

"It's so fun to hear kids sing your music because kids learn stuff so fast at that age and it makes you very aware of what kinds of words you're putting into your music," Cam continues.

While hugging teddy bears courtesy of the Opry, the kiddos begin their own rendition of the tune when in walks the songstress herself. The three of them join together to sing the ballad in the cutest way possible. Despite being in the presence of an award-winning singer, the two little girls hold their own and happily sing with one of their idols.

“I’ve seen your videos! You’re so good at singing,” Cam tells her new friends. “Thank you for coming all this way to be part of the Opry. I play pretty early. You can nap right after me, if you need to. I won’t tell Justin Moore."

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