What could be better than a day of great music, rodeo, and fun? Finding out your future of course?

Saturday, July 18th, Red Cup Rodeo - the party of the summer - is happening at Miller Farms in Berlin. There will be a rodeo, a concert, cold beer, hot girls, and more!

Part of the more will be Cat Country's Psychic, Artie Hoffman. You hear Hoffman every Friday morning on the Cat Country Morning Show. At Red Cup Rodeo, Hoffman will have a booth set up where you can have him give you a psychic reading.

(This is the part where I say I've been working with Artie for over 10 years, and he is very good! He's given me several readings - and the things he says actually do come true!)

Artie will be offering 10 minute psychic readings for $25, and 15 minute readings for $35. If you wish to have Artie try to connect with someone who has passed, you should bring  picture.

Tickets for Red Cup Rodeo are now available at redcuprodeo.com.

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