Please tell me this is a leftover April Fools joke!  I was really hoping that they would change the name of the HBO series 'Girls' to 'Boys' next season.  The boys of the show took the front seat this season.  And now the horrible news that Charlie's character Christopher Abbott is leaving the show!  Say it ain't so!

And to add insult to injury, the reason he's leaving the show (supposedly) is because he doesn't like Lena Dunham.

According to Starcrush,

"It seems ‘Girls’ actor Christopher Abbott has a lot in common with about half of the population right now: He doesn’t really agree with Lena Dunham, so he’s leaving the show right in the middle of a major story line for his character."

Um, what is Marnie going to do next season?  They just got back together!


I'm frustrated!

Maybe they will work out their issues....

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