A significant structure fire was battled today, Wednesday, June 21, 2023 by the courageous professional firefighters of the Atlantic City Fire Department.

Well placed Atlantic City sources have confirmed that a touch and go fire … that at one point involved missing people … including Atlantic City firefighters took place.

We have confirmed that all Atlantic City firefighters are accounted for.

We cannot confirm at this time if there are any victims.

Harry Hurley - TSM.
Harry Hurley - TSM.

Please avoid area of Belfield Avenue due to fire department activity. This includes New York Avenue to Kentucky Avenue on both Atlantic and Pacific Avenues.

The Atlantic City Professional Firefighters are one of the most courageous and competent fire departments in America.

I spoke to an impeccable source in real time. when it was believed that Atlantic City firefighters were for a time considered missing.

You can imagine that this was a time of great stress and they performed so admirably.

This is a developing story.

We will provide updates as warranted.

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