Darryl Worley and his wife Kimberly were among a group of singers, songwriters and country music fans stuck in Fiji as Cyclone Winston hit the island nation on Saturday (Feb. 20).

According to CNN, at 2AM ET on Saturday (Feb. 20), Cyclone Winston -- the most powerful storm to ever hit Fiji -- made landfall. The cyclone brought with it 180-plus-mph winds and intense rains; Fiji's capital city, Suva, lost power, and mudslides and flooding are a potential danger.

Tunes in the Tropics, per the event's Facebook page, was scheduled to run Feb. 20-27. It is unclear how many of those involved in and attending the event arrived in Fiji before the storm began, but Worley's first Facebook post from Fiji came on Friday (Feb. 19) at around 3PM ET. A post from about 8PM ET on Friday indicated that Worley, his wife and those with them were "looking for places inland with higher elevation."

“We’re headed in there, we’re getting ready to put our little plan into motion and ride this thing out,” Worley said in a video update (watch above), before the wind drowned out the rest of his message. In a second video update, from just after midnight ET on Saturday, Worley noted that the storm was picking up, and that they had "four or five more hours of this" to go.

"It's pretty crazy out here," he said.

Just after 3PM ET on Saturday -- 8AM on Sunday (Feb. 21) Fiji local time -- a post went up on Worley's Facebook page, saying that the singer and his wife had contacted Kimberly Worley's mother and are "fine."

"They weathered the storm in a concrete storm room at the resort," the Facebook post explains. "The islands are devastated, and their (sic) is no electricity. There is some limited generator use at the resort. They have no wifi or information coming in, so they don't really know when they will get to leave or any details of things around them other than where they are.

"... There have been some earthquakes that have happened after the storm passed. But thankfully they are okay!!!" the post continues. "Now we just have to get them home!"

In a post on Facebook before the storm hit, Darryl and Kimberly Worley wrote, "We have a good game plan, but we see people around us who may not even have a shelter to go to. Please pray for this Fiji nation and it's (sic) people."

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