A decades-old restaurant in Cape May has decided to abruptly close its doors as new owners are reportedly getting ready to take over the property.

Just how sudden was the news? They announced on Friday, March 1st, that Saturday, March 2nd, would be their last day after 30 years.

Not an Easy Business

Most people know that the restaurant business is very difficult, even in a bustling state like New Jersey.

In fact, the National Restaurant Association says only about 20% of restaurants are successful. Six-in-ten fail in their first year and 80% fail within five years of opening.

So even with every person on the planet having to eat at some point, there is a 4-in-5 chance that the trendy, new eatery that you just discovered will be gone within a handful of years.

Best NJ shore restaurants - Photo: TSM Illustration
Best NJ shore restaurants - Photo: TSM Illustration

2023 Was Tough

2023 was an extremely tough year for restaurants in the Garden State.

Restaurants of all shapes and sizes shut down — coffee shops, mom-and-pop establishments, fast food restaurants, long-running national sit-down chains, and even diners have disappeared.

Yes, diners in New Jersey aren't even on safe ground.

And so far, 2024 isn't looking much better.

Cape May Restaurant Suddenly Closes

The owner of Harbor View Restaurant on Ocean Drive in Cape May, on Cape May Harbor right between the toll bridge and Route 109, took to social media on Friday to share this news:

It started approximately 30 years ago when I purchased what was to be Harbor View Marina. There was nothing here but I had a plan. I was going to fix the place up and bring my two Party Boats here! I started the tackle shop and Marina. Then I needed a place to feed my Party Boat customers so I bult a Restaurant. Then came the Deck Bar. Harbor View was born! With a lot of sadness tomorrow Saturday March 2nd will be our last day!

They went on to thank all of their great customers and dedicated employees over the years and then they said,

Thanks again to all, and best of luck to the new owners. I won’t forget!

Harbor View Restaurant and Bar in Cape May NJ
Harbor View Restaurant and Bar in Cape May NJ - Photo: Google Maps

There's no word on what the new owners will do with the eatery but with Cape May being known across the country as a hot bed for some excellent restaurants, we look forward to seeing what's in store.

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