Kelsea Ballerini has a song called "I Hate Love Songs" on her new album, it's one she wrote. But really, Kelsea? Do you really hate love songs?

"I don't really hate love songs," she says before explaining how this song mirrored her own romance with fiancé Morgan Evans. "I also don't really hate (Ryan) Gosling."

There's a nursery rhyme quality to this song that she loved playing with as she wrote it with Shane McAnally and (Old Dominion's) Trevor Rosen. She also dug deep into the album sequencing here — this groovy, love ballad is followed by the album's title track and it's not coincidence.

"'I Hate Love Songs' is the, 'Woo, wow! You're here. I didn't expect to meet you now, and is this gonna happen? I think this is gonna happen and I hate this but I think I love this,'" Ballerini says.

Kelsea and Morgan are So Cute Together!

"Unapologetically" is her giving into that love. Fun fact: this song was written just three weeks after she met Evans in Australia, and she knew everyone would say she's moving too fast and was too young and was just coming off a bad breakup and all those things someone young and in love is not here to hear.

"I was like, 'I don't care.' Might as well write a song and just kind of like say everything that I would say anyways," Ballerini says. Unapologetically drops on Nov. 3, featured her single "Legends." Look for the Female Vocalist of the Year nominee at the 2017 CMA Awards on Nov. 8. She'll be singing her single "Legends" with a legend, Reba McEntire.

Hold on Kelsea! Don't Go Yet!

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