Tip number one for trying to get away with a crime: don't make yourself look too obvious to police.

"Too obvious" in this case was a guy dragging a generator on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City at 3:45 in the morning. That's not exactly something that you see, well, ever on the Boardwalk... especially in the middle of the night.

Cops in Atlantic City say they arrested 42-year-old Christopher Finegan of the city after they observed him dragging a large object, later identified as a $700 generator, on the Boardwalk at 3:45 Tuesday morning.

Tip number two: don't get caught on camera committing a crime.

Officers reviewed surveillance footage and, according to cops, Finegan was found entering a store under renovation in the 1700 block and leaving the business pulling the generator.

Finegan was charged with burglary and theft and remanded to the Atlantic County Justice Facility.