If awkward videos make you uncomfortable, then this might not be for you. Unfortunately for Mike Eli of Eli Young Band, he couldn't escape this extremely uncomfortable radio interview.

Eli sat down for an interview with Albany's WGNA radio host Nick Kessler, and little did he know that it would end up being the worst interview of his career. To kick things off, the radio host announced that he was nervous, claiming it was only his third interview. He got off to a rocky start when he got the singer's name wrong, calling him Eli Young, instead of Mike Eli.

To give you some background information and to clear Kessler's reputation, all of this was done on purpose to see just how uncomfortable he could make Eli. Justin Moore and Kip Moore have both fallen for this prank, as well — those clips are equally hilarious.

The whole interview was done in a Subaru, so Kessler wanted to know if this interview was the weirdest thing Eli has ever done in one.

"Subarus are great cars," the singer answered. "Maybe this interview is, but this Subaru isn't quite as awkward."

Kessler gets a bit touchy with the 35-year-old country star a few minutes in, touching his arms and getting up close and personal with his tattoos as the interview continues to plummet on a downward spiral.

To top it all off, Kessler vegan suggesting lyrics for an extended version of Eli Young Band's hit "Drunk Last Night." Eli's face displayed confusion and agony, which pretty much sums up the overall tone of the interview.

"Got a little drunk last night / Don't drink much / Thought I'd give it a whirl / Met a lady, brought her home / Turns out she wasn't a girl," Kessler stammers off from his yellow legal pad.

Continue watching the video to see for yourself the exchange of patchy beard comments, sweaty knees and favorite gospels. Be warned, it might make you cringe.

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