Fans of the television show Friends have an opportunity to experience one of the more unique tourist attractions in Philadelphia.

Now open in the King of Prussia Mall, visitors can immerse themselves in all things Friends.  Imagine walking into the Central Perk Cafe and ordering a cup of coffee, while sitting on that rusty-colored couch with your friends, no doubt listening to someone sing the "Smelly Cat" song.

Or how about visiting Joey and Chandler's apartment and checking out their recliners to see if they're as comfortable as they look?  As authentic as this exhibit is, I doubt you'll see the chick and duck or the monkey.

Or, maybe Monica's apartment with purple-colored walls is more your thing.  This is like stepping into the television show we loved for ten seasons on NBC.

Visitors will have a chance to view and try on different costumes and check out the props we've seen on the show as well.

What's a tourist attraction without a gift shop?  You want a Central Perk cup?  No problem.  A shirt with the "How you doin'" phrase.  You can even buy your own "Crap Bag" tote, which as Jersey residents, can be pretty useful.

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The Friend Experience is a partnership between Warner Brothers and Superfly X.  The exhibit is temporary and travels throughout the country.  They've had successful runs in Denver, Chicago, DC, and other cities.

the exhibit runs through May 29th in the Pavillion at King of Prussia Mall.  They're open Thursday through Sunday with timeslots open every 30 minutes.  You can buy tickets online.  Tickets for children 4-10 are $26.00, adult tickets range between $29.00 and $46.50.

The FRIENDS™ Experience in Philadelphia | Info & Tickets (

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