Every so often I like checking out the trends on Twitter. People can be so creative sometimes. This new trend peaked my interest.

The ever popular GIF celebrated a big birthday the other day. GIFs were first created on June 15th 1987, making them 30 years old. Honestly, I didn't know they've been around this long.

On Twitter the number one trending hashtag is #FirstGIFComesUpForYourName. People are tweeting out a random, or well not so random, GIF that comes up when they type in their name. What's even cooler about this is Facebook just added the GIF feature so we can have fun with this all over social media.

I went ahead and searched my name and got this GIF:

That's what happens when you share your name with a very popular football (soccer) team.

I took the liberty of trying this trend out with the rest of the Cat Country team.




I had no idea what this was at first, but apparently it is from The Bachelorette.


Like Rachel's I had to look this up too. This is from The Real Housewives: New Jersey. At least his is local.


What have I learned from this trend? I am not as in tune with pop culture as I thought I was.

So go forth and have fun with this trend!

Side note this is the first cat GIF that came up:

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