Do we finally have a premiere date for the final season of Game of Thrones?


As I was scrolling through Instagram yesterday morning, I stumbled upon this picture from @gotinsider, an insta fanpage dedicated to all things GOT. I get a lot of my GOT updates from this page. So, as I was scrolling through my IG , I see this:

Winter is here ❄️ Tag a friend! - {Fan poster}

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It threw me for a loop to say the least, because at first I squealed from excitement, but then realized that there's a chance this might not be true. It could very well be accurate, though, considering HBO said earlier this year that the least season is due out early 2019.

If season 8 is released in April, that's barely into Q2 2019, so I feel like this date may be more than just fan speculation. All I know is that they need to speed up this process because I am going through serious Westeros withdrawal.

I searched all day yesterday and haven't seen a legitimate press release or statement from HBO with a release date, so I guess this is just another way to spike our blood pressure until the announcement is made. HBO - HURRY UP!

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Sources: Instagram, Amazon

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