When you're looking for a place to eat, history is usually not a qualification.

Tasty food, decent prices, great atmosphere and we're there.

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It is interesting to know, however, that New Jersey is chock full of historic restaurants that go back hundreds and hundreds of years.

Before we look at the oldest open restaurant, here's an establishment that I had to feature.

Moore's Tavern in Freehold dates back to 1787 and is considered to be one of the oldest restaurants in The Garden State.

The front of the building looks like a really patriotic house.

The story behind this place is pretty cool.

According to Moore's lore, a direct aid to General George Washington during the Revolutionary War opened up a tavern on this exact property.

Back in the day, like way way back in the day, you had to obtain a license to be a "public house of entertainment."

From the information that could be gathered, that was about 1787 for Moore's.

Welcome to New Jersey's oldest running restaurant. Located in Mendham Township, this eatery first opened its doors to patrons in 1742. This is The Black Horse Tavern & Pub.

Pictured above is the corner booth at the bar which The Black Horse claims is its most popular seat.

Just think that over 300 years ago people were enjoying food and spirits in the same exact place. Awesome.

All of the American classics are served.

One of my favorites is the chicken pot pie.

The Blackhorse has a rewards program for frequent diners called "40North" where you earn points.

I'm not sure how many points you get for each meal, but this milestone is incredible.

These two amassed 100,000 points.

It's just a testament to how loyal The Black Horse customers are and the reason the restaurant has been open since 1742.

I'm shocked The Black Horse hasn't been featured on Food Network, but here's every NJ eatery that has.

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