New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was live in our studio Wednesday night for Ask the Governor on the Townsquare Radio Network. You can watch the show again (below) and check out the best tweets.

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7:01: @GovChristie arrives at the studio. Check out our Twitter feed @NJ1015. Comment at #askgov

7:04: "For us, Eric this is always the best days of the month." Governor reports he "feels fine." Mentions town hall from earlier today.

7:05: Gov. Christie's 10-year-old daughter Bridget is attending tonight with the Governor.

7:06: Responding to questions about the budget, @GovChristie notes, "3.5 growth in spending, of that 3.5 percent growth, 94% of budget growth is pension, debt service and other costs."

7:08: Responding to Sweeney criticism,  "it was a jobless decade that they presided over when we got here. In my four years as governor, 130,000 new private sector jobs were created. Sen. Sweeney is a friend but he doesn't want to acknowlege the fact that jobs have been created ... I think we're doing well ... Not going to have a government job creation program."

7:11: "If the legislature wants to be partisan and political, and block the agenda the voters voted for ...they are going to have to put up with the consequences that come along with that."

7:12: Responding to questions about Baroni, "you are talking about a time before Jan. 8, we're going through an internal investigation. ... I am not going to give in to the hysteria of questions that are given by folks that have information today that I didn't have at the time, why didn't I ask the questions."

7:14: Discussing Bridget Kelly, the Governor said he ordered her firing, and says he had no face to face with her on that day. "On Dec. 12 and 13, she was questioned extensively by her superiors....At the end of the day if someone is not going to tell you the truth, they are not going to tell you truth."

7:15: "I am no longer going to speculate on what I don't know about," responding to questions about whether Kelly ordered lane closures.

7:20: Responding to a caller question about pensions, which @GovChristie said is underfunded by $52 billion, Christie added, "People are living significantly longer than they used to ... we can't afford this. Look at what's happened in Detroit ...they are going to get a fraction of the money they were promised to get."

7:23: Responding to question about Richard Constable's testimony on Sandy funding, "as I've said many times before, two factors are to be considered, severity of damage to home, and your ability pay.We have said this right from the beginning ... there's not going to be enough money. I understand the testimony is disturbing, but it's not new." He then urged people to call their Congressman about getting more money.

7:26: Responding to question about allocating funding for tires, "people can't deny there's a $52 billion deficit, and they can't deny that 94 cents of every new dollar was put toward pension, health benefits and debt. It's got to stop, or it will eat us alive."

7:28: "If 94 cents of every new dollar is being spent on those three things, the best I can do is hold the line on taxes."

7:29: Discussion the salt shortage and Booker and Menendez's criticism of the administration, Christie responded: "all of last winter, we had used 258,000 tons of salt used, but 442,00 tons of salt were used through through Feb. 14. I don't understand the poor planning thing."

7:33: Continuing on snow removal, @GovChristie said this year's costs related to snow removal are "three times the normal cost of snow removal ... you can't plan for that. You just have to adjust."

7:35: Responding to caller question on Justice Rabner: "I'll make the deicsion on Stuart Rabner when I need to trying to resolve this, I've been trying to resolve this for three years. Not optimistic" it will be resolved at the moment.

7:37: Responding to caller question from Brick, on FEMA funding, "FEMA is the new 'F' word, and sometimes they are difficult to deal with." Adds they had "fundamental differences on Sandy aid apps and HGI.

7:42: Responding to question about whether there is anyone in his administration that does a good impression of him,  @GovChristie responds: "they never did it to my face. I am sure I am mocked at time by my staff and cabinet, but they haven't done it to my face."  Bridget says Andrew does a good impersonation of the governor.

7:43: Discussing emergency snow closure question from caller, @GovChristie says "there is 180 school day requirement and I'm not waiving it." Bridget says she does not like the idea of going to school longer this year.

7:45: Responding to question about details of longer school plan: "We're putting 5 million in the budget to allow school districts to compete, come up with plans how they would do it ... let them have an extended school day in a school district, we'll have money to pay for it, and then we'll see how it works." Adds, it "might be 15-16 school year."

7:47: Responding to caller question about heroin problems in the state: "I believe in drug rehabilitation as a solution to this problem  ... as the state spends more money, private industry follows where the money goes. As we put more money toward drug rehabilitation, I believe more facilities will be built." Adds that the state task force study results will be released "soon."

7:48: Disagrees with Foye on Bridgegate.

7:49: Responding to question on 'public swiping' between political leaders: "there are people out there all the time who fight with their bosses, coworkers, this isn't bean bag ... Politics is tough stuff. What I put first is getting things done for them."

7:53: Responding to question on Xanadu, "we could start on that very soon."

7:54: Responding to a question on Senator Sweeney's bill that would take magazine clips from 15 to 10: "I'll respond to a piece of legislation when it gets to my desk."

7:56: Discussing a request from a Bayville resident that Justin Bieber do a benefit concert for Sandy, "I don't know that Bieber will be coming to do a benefit concert for Sandy." Responding to NJ101.5 playing a Bieber tune: "this is an abomination to put this on as the lead in on my way out." @NJ1015 has now changed the music to Bruce Springsteen. "Everybody in New Jersey is swaying in their cars right now."

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