Lady Antebellum fans who are just dying to get a good look at Hillary Scott's precious newborn twin daughters were in luck on Thursday (April 5), when the babies made their debut live on the Home Shopping Network.

The occasion was for Mom's LaBellum Hillary Scott clothing line, which was ushering out its 2018 Spring collection. The clothes were beautifully boho-chic, full of beads, bell sleeves and eyelet — and shown off by Scott's own gorgeous mom, Linda Davis — but the real beauties were babies Betsy and Emory, who were totally chilled out, and seemed adorably unfazed by being on camera. Click the video above to see how cute they are!

Scott admits she got lucky with this pair. "We’re so blessed, these babies are so good and so calm for the most part," she says. "And Eisley, our oldest, is such an incredible big sister. They’re her babies! It’s been such a special time, i can honestly say one of the most blessed seasons of our lives."

Scott took the opportunity to shift focus from her little bundles for a minute, offering praise for two other favorite people: "My husband Chris [Tyrell], I have to brag on him so that the world can hear! There’s nothing that he won’t do. He is truly Superdad and Superhusband."

And let's not forget Grandma! "[Sunday] was a big day, it was Easter, April Fool’s Day and my birthday! I have to brag on my mama, she cooked for me all my favorite things over there at her house," Scott says, smiling. "My favorite part was the sweet potato casserole."

Davis seemed to need no thanks other than that of having the blessing of her little granddaughters. "When I’m holding those babies, time stands still," she notes.

Scott and her family welcomed Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn on Jan. 29. The couple have shared a number of precious moments from their life since the twins joined their family, including a recent shot of the girls meeting their "uncle," Lady A singer Charles Kelley, and a funny moment in which the family dog Hobbs looks distinctly put out by being displaced by these tiny intruders in everyone's laps.

Scott revealed her pregnancy in August, and shared a video of the actual moment she and Tyrell told big sis Eisele that she was going to have two baby sisters.

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