Mornings are hard...we get it. But what better way to start a new day then by doing a little extra good for YOUR community! During your Cat Country Mornings with Joe and Rachel, Rachel Marie shines some light on our Cat Country listeners out there, who are in need of a little extra good, with your Daily Dose of Good!

Today's Daily Dose of Good goes out to Jerry Ryan from Absecon, NJ in honor of his loving son Jeremy. Jeremy is 13 years old and has be living with autism. Everyone that knows Jeremy, knows him to be a beautiful boy that takes on every opportunity he can to succeed in life. And his just-as-awesome Dad, Jerry, makes sure to help provide Jeremy with these opportunities so can he can thrive in life as any other kid!

Jerry and Jeremy have been doing their OWN good by putting together an event called Elephants for Autism Fest!  Every year, they put together a music festival to help raise money for special needs children to receive music lessons and instruments.
And as if this couldn't get any more AWESOME-- This year, Jerry and Jeremy (with the help of their friends at the Sunshine Foundation)  plan on sending 5 kids and their parents to DISNEY WORLD with the funds raised during the festival May 19-21, in Mays Landing New Jersey. 

Now, the more money the boys can raise for merchandise to sell at the festival, the more money they can generate for the cause!  With a Goal of 4k, they're hoping to use this money to make 250 shirts, 2,000 CDs, some buttons, sticker, glasses and all that cool stuff to sell at the festival. According to their Go-Fund-Me Page, they're just about 400 dollars shy of their goal! And that's how we can help.

Jerry and Jeremy have been working for the cause for 6 YEARS! So in their efforts to give back to our community, we want to help give back to them! Please comment, like and SHARE this story to help spread the word! And if you feel inclined to donate, please check back to their Go Fund Me Page for more information, and to help support the Elephants for Autism Music Festival!

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