Lately, it seems like going country is all the rage. By now, we’ve all heard about Lionel Richie‘s chart-topping foray into the country genre with his hit album Tuskegee. There’s also Kelly Clarkson‘s country version of her single, ‘Mr. Know It All.’ The latest breaking pop-turned-country news is that Katy Perry might be ready to take the plunge, too.

We haven’t confirmed the details yet, but Perry has gone on record saying that her next album will be “f-in dark” and The Sun has reported that the album will have some country twang, too. Perry’s upstart came by way of her experience singing gospel music as a young girl in church, but she hasn’t crossed over to country…yet.

“My favorite record is Patty Griffin’s ‘Flaming Red.’ I discovered it when I was in Nashville,” she said. “I definitely want to do a Patty Griffin-esque thing at some point. It’s something that I’m really excited about because I know I can do it and I haven’t really played that card yet.”

Although Perry hasn’t officially released a country-sounding album yet, she did team up with Jessie James to write a country-pop tune with some decidedly country lyrics:

My momma warned me ’bout boys like you / It’s the reason I wear these steel-toed boots / I’m gonna give you a little piece of advice / My papa packs heat and he won’t think twice,” Perry croons in the track. “Grab your hat, better get gone / But if you stay, you’ve been warned.

All Perry needs how is a cowboy hat and some boots, but we hope she’ll keep her blue-toned hairstyle no matter where she ends up. After all, can Katy Perry really be herself without her trademark crazy and colorful tresses?

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