I have been talking about the fact that the enthusiastic crowd noise at Citizen’s Bank Park has never been louder and prouder.

But, I never thought that the wonderful fans in the City of Brotherly Love could generate unbridled noise levels with such enthusiasm that it would actually mimic earthquake-level intensity.

Consider this, last night when Bryce Harper and Alec Bohm hit home runs in game 3 of the World Series, some thought there was an actual earthquake.

And, there were 3 more Phillies home runs hit last night, too.

Tonight’s game 4 and tomorrow’s game 5 will also be held at Philadelphia’s Citizen’s Bank Park.

The Phillies can actually close out this series at home, if they can win the next two games.

If they win, it will be the Phillies first World Series Championship since 2008.

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This is an incredible human interest story, and so far as the Phillies finished third in their own division, the National League Eastern division.

The Phillies won 87 games during the regular season as compared to the Houston Astros, who won their division and won 106 games during the regular season. That is second in all of Major League Baseball, only behind the Los Angeles Dodgers of the National League who won 111 games.

Get ready, there’s going to be a lot of noise coming from Citizen’s Bank Park tonight and tomorrow.

NOTE: A later report that we have just been made aware of, offers this correction to the earlier “seismic” reports.

“This was a HOAX or Fake News! It made people happy and no harm was done, but it was NOT REAL!”

They go on to say that something still may have been measured. So, maybe it’s fake news … maybe it’s not.

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