I don't really consider myself a gardener, but I do enjoy my little vegetable garden.  And in case you're wondering, this picture is not from my garden.  One can dream, right?


My little garden is not perfect, but I usually have a good haul of fresh vegetables every summer.  And I just enjoy being outside working in the dirt.  What can I say, I'm a Southerner living in the Garden State.  However, I always plant the same things, year after year.  This year, I have decided, is going to be different.  So, with the help of Pinterest, (of course!) I found a very cool website that will tell you what and when to plant things according to your zip code!  OMG brilliant!  Click the link below to see what you should be planting!

Just type in your zip code and Sprout Robot will tell you what and when to plant for your garden!

So far I plan on planting fava beans the week of May 14th, leaf lettuce this week and all my herbs the week of April 9th.

So my garden will go from looking like this:

Georgia's Garden

To looking as fancy as this:


And then I will wake up from my fancy dream.....  But I will keep you posted throughout the season on my little garden.  It might not look as nice as the one above, but it will do the trick!

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