It's been a trend throughout The Garden State for decades. And honestly? I totally understand why.

Leaving your keys in the car while parked in your own driveway is nothing new for many living in New Jersey. My family members did it while I was growing up, and I still have some that do it to this day.

I'm not sure when that practice started, or if we just all trusted each other more back in the day. Or maybe some old habits are just hard to break.

And that trend seems to be going back up again. For whatever reason, leaving cars unlocked in the driveway with the key (or key fob) inside is just the norm for some New Jersey drivers.

And you know what? Go for it if you're more comfortable doing it. In fact, here are some of the perks of leaving the key, or key fob in your car with the doors unlocked (Note that not all perks benefit the driver).

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Can't lock yourself out

We've all been in that situation at some point in our life. You lock your car and then realize you left the key inside.

It's a terrible situation to be in for sure. But if you don't lock your doors in the first place, then this simply couldn't happen.

And on those rare occasions where you do end up locking the car, at least the chances are reduced of locking those keys inside. Just leave it open and save yourself the headache.

Speaking of the key...

Volkswagen Polo

The key is right there

You never have far to go for the key, because the key is right there. No more guesswork with where you should leave them in your house.

Your key will always be present and ready for you the second you step into the car. Just reach into that glove box, console, or visor and you're ready to go.

It's easy to understand the convenience of this. Just leave the key in the car with the door unlocked and you'll never have to worry.

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The fob is always in range

Yes, it's been a practice with keys, but leaving behind the fob is also becoming popular. And it makes sense why.

With cars now going keyless, it's even easier than ever. All you do is push a button and you're on your way.

As long as the fob key is within range, there's never any problem with just hopping in and hitting the road. And with the fob key present in the car, it'll always be in range.

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Can't lose the key or fob in the house

It's as simple as that. You can't lose the keys or key fob if it never leaves the vehicle in the first place.

Whenever you bring the car keys inside, you risk losing them between the couch or anywhere else for that matter. Fiddling with the keys is a pain, so just leave them be.

Not to mention, the convenience of having them right there. And speaking of convenience...

Car keys
Car keys (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

Someone will appreciate your kindness

It's very kind of you to leave your car ready to go should someone else need it. Even though the car's parked in the driveway, I'm sure they appreciate how hassle-free you made it for them to borrow your vehicle.

You saved them the trouble of trying to find a house door or window you left open and stopped them from grabbing the key themselves. Simply put, you made it extremely easy for them to not get caught.

In fact, they may like your car so much that they may never bring it back. Of course, that's not your intention, but it does happen and has been happening more often than we'd like.

Car keys left in a lock

It's the risk you take

Look, I totally get why you leave them behind in the car. But times have changed and people aren't as trustworthy as they used to be.

Especially now with key fobs and a simple push button to start. If you leave that fob in the car with the car unlocked, you're making it too easy for them.

It's getting so bad, in fact, a New Jersey town that what was once the safest city in America is now urging New Jersey drivers to lock their car doors while parked in their driveway. It stinks, yes, but it is what it is.

I wish we could trust one another, but unfortunately, there are too many bad actors out there ruining it for the rest of us. So please, lock your car doors and bring in the key.

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